Saturday, March 25, 2023

Van Gogh experience...

The Van Gogh experience was amazing. I'm so glad that I went. Afterwards Jerry, let me drive his new Mustang Machi. That's a pretty okay car. I still like my Tucson. Mostly the day went great. There was one little incident where I had to fish for a compliment and I probably shouldn't do that. I should probably just accept that. That's not how he is and if I feel cute then I am cute and fuck him if his car is more of a distraction than I am because when he said that and I said well I thought I would be the distraction. He got pissy-face and it hurt so lesson learned. Don't go fishing for compliments. Then I got to drive his brand new Mustang mock E and it's a pretty good car. I still like my Tucson better. I don't need a midlife crisis car... Which I feel like his ring wearing self needs. I hate that goddamn ring... It's like he put that ring on and became this person. I don't know if he is a narcissistic person but he has these tendencies where it's all about. You know I don't even know it doesn't matter. I need to work on me and make sure I'm happy and if he comes along with for the ride that would be nice after 28 years together but I don't know that I can be hurt every time I see him. 

Thursday, March 23, 2023

light ...

Trying to keep things light. Invited Jerry over to watch Mandolorian and fixed him spaghetti. It was a nice visit. Need to stop obsessing over the past and look forward. It's hard. Especially because I feel so hurt. This weekend I'm going to purge more from my stuff in the bedroom. Do I really need a million bags? No... I do not. Less clutter will help me. 

Oh.  I mentioned to Jerry a few nights ago about the empty house and I'm not liking it and he suggested that I talk to my therapist about it. Dude, I AM DOING THE WORK!! I thought that was rich coming from him. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2023


 Last night I lost my diamond engagement ring.   Two months to the day that Jerry left the house.  I'm trying not to let myself read too much into that.  It will turn up. It is in the bedroom...somewhere.

Monday, March 20, 2023

less than....

I'm a little down today. It's hard when you think for 27 years you are loved and cherished.... And now you barely speak....why should I chase someone who is chasing something else..

I saw a quote that said, don't be someone's "sometimes" by Bridgette Devoue it hit me hard. 

Sunday, March 19, 2023


Jerry invited me to go see Shazam! Fury of the Gods. FUN movie. I can't wait to see it again. It was a nice outing. Came home, quick kiss before saying goodbye and just ordered some P. F. Changs for dinner. 

I'm catching up on some Mayor of Eastown... Not really my favorite. As I type that I realized life is too short to watch shows that you don't enjoy. I'm going to watch some Shining Girl on Apple TV, while I Wait for my Mongolian beef to show up. I'm hungry. I had breakfast but then for lunch I had popcorn. Not really very healthy but I wanted popcorn at the movies but I am going to chow down on some Mongolian beef!! 

And once dinner is done I'm going to put on my robe and watch more TV and drink coffee till the wee hours of the morning!! 

Friday, March 17, 2023

Am I wrong?

Am I wrong because I don't want to have conversations with strangers on the internet that I'd rather connect with somebody that I know and can see and I don't know I mean... I get that's how Jerry and I met, but now it seems transactional. Here's a picture of my vagina. Send me a picture of your dick. Oh let's be friends. No! Did I become a prude? Am I abnormal? I don't understand.... And I'm supposed to be just okay that they're still friends. I'm sorry I'm not sending my vagina to other people. When I said "I do"  I meant you and you alone. So if you're sending anyone dick pics it should be me. But please don't because I'm not one of your little side chicks

everything and nothing ..

It seems like things are changing for the good but that one thing is still happening and I am having problems letting that go. So I'm back to square one but not really. It's like everything is changing but that doesn't so nothing really has changed. 

When your everything becomes a part of something... What's left.... 

Van Gogh experience...

The Van Gogh experience was amazing. I'm so glad that I went. Afterwards Jerry, let me drive his new Mustang Machi. That's a pretty ...