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Happy Easter


Easter weekend brain dump...

       Four-day weekend.  Just what I needed.  Work is tough this year.  I'm the only staff interpreter on the campus; we have a revolving door of agency interpreters covering the other two classes.  One of the teachers did give me a great compliment last week, saying that I was a great interpreter and that they loved the fact that I connected to the school on a team basis. But, of course, I do...that's what my job is.  I'm an educational interpreter, so being part of the education team is key.  I get why they said that, though.  The agency interpreters don't have the loyalty that a staff interpreter would.       I am a lapsed Catholic. However, I now see myself as a spiritual being. So why am I mentioning this? Because of Easter?  Yes.  I do believe in the story of Jesus.  But I don't discount other religious figures.  I mean, who am I to judge.  So Easter is a time of renewal, a time of miracles, a time to simply be the best person I can be in the world.  I know I