Friday, June 28, 2019

Wish for 2019/2020 School year....

Today I am thinking about the upcoming school year. I know..why would I be doing that while on summer break? I want to put my wish for next year out into the universe.

I wish for the next year that the administration will look at each student as an individual and not a number. That they look at the needs of EACH individual child and not try to lump them together to save money. I know...especially in this budget.

As for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing (DHH) students, that means that one interpreter for multiple students is not suitable for anyone. DHH students have different language needs, and one interpreter can not interpret multiple ways for comprehension during a class. It's physically impossible. Because of the shortfall, the interpreter ends up trying to select a "general" language mode, knowing that some of the students aren't going to understand. It's heartbreaking.

Middle school is hard enough. Going from the comfort of one teacher for most of your day to multiple teachers can cause anxiety adding another barrier. Some students are learning how to use an interpreter. Yes, they had interpreters in elementary school. At our middle school, we tend to swap out interpreters, so the students see a variety of language models. This mirrors real-world interpreting experiences they will experience as an adult. It can sound harsh, but honestly, it has worked out great, in my opinion.

So...while I don't have any pull in the district, and I know that district interpreters aren't getting paid competitively in comparison to the private sector so getting interpreters in the schools is hard. Also, the use of agency interpreters is tough on consistency in the classroom as well. I'm not talking about those agencies that have long term contracts with schools, I'm talking about the "who is showing up today?" services that happens because of staffing shortages in the schools. Happens with teacher vacancies also...again...heartbreaking.

To sum up and step off my soapbox, please, look at the whole child and their needs versus how can we satisfy the law in the cheapest way possible while putting their education needs for success in the background.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

A plan...

I just got home from my appointment with my new endocrinologist.  WOW, that's how I remember a doctor appointment should be.  She took her time with me.  Over an hour appointment and the doctor told me she wished there was more time because she wanted to make sure we clear about the plan moving forward.  I didn't even get this much attention when things were life-threatening.

I'm back on some medication for diabetes as my fasting blood sugars keep going up.  A1C is at 6, so we are going back on Metformin but only 1000 mg total per day.  Also, because my TSH is back up, she is increasing that medication.  My B12 was low, so she wants me to take a supplement for that.  She looked at me and said there was a reason I was having problems getting the weight off, moving, and with fatigue.  It feels good to hear that there are reasons.  As you recall from a previous post, I had problems walking around a hotel, well no freakin' kidding. Now I know why.

Feels fantastic to have a plan.  😊

Monday, June 17, 2019

Day 1...

Today, I am rededicating myself to eating healthy and working on losing weight. I weighed myself this morning. I have planned out today's meals. I know that planning will help me control portions and intake.

I will use the two liters of water I need to drink as a way to stave off hunger along with teas.

Tomorrow I go to my new endocrinologist, and I will go with an open mind and be willing and accept what she has to say.

Part of being Jeanne is loving myself, even when I'm obese but not accepting that I have to be a big woman.

Sunday, June 16, 2019


Argh!! I'm so tired of this weight.  I'm going to seriously focus on this.

Why is my addition, food?  Why do we need to eat to stay alive? When I quit smoking, I just gave them up, but you can't do that with food.

Last week we went to Dallas for Jerry's work conference.  I was miserable.  I could barely get around.  I was winded after walking from one area of the hotel to another. I didn't want to leave the hotel room to socialize.  My feet swell so much that I can barely get my shoes on, never mind bending down to put them on is a challenge. Seriously, it's bad, and I'm super sad about it.

I'm going to the doctor this week, and I know she is going to yell at me. I had lab work on Saturday, so hopefully, that isn't going wrong too.  I have been doing well.  Argh...

Emotional eating is the worst too.  You eat, then feel bad for eating.

The goal for the week, log my food in my LoseIt app.  Every bite.  EVERY. SINGLE. BITE!


Uninstalled some apps to check his sugars, sharing location, and sharing maps. I am obsessing over those things and that isn't healthy. ...