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My month...

I am a princess, and I fully admit that I love being treated that way.  Finding Jerry 23 years ago was amazing as he totally gives into my princess-ness.  During March, my birthday month, he does a fantastic job of stepping it up.  It makes me look bad because his birthday month is February and I am not as apt at the doting as he is. Seriously, tree Funko badass women figures, a sonic screwdriver, lots of doting, and more to come...I love birthday month! I have been doing a lot of reflecting in the past year.  Life changing illness can do that to a person. I always seem to be going to the doctor around my birthday.  The fact that I have spring break off gives me the opportunity to go to the doctor without burning a day off of work.  I'd rather use those for "mental health" days than actually going to a doctor appointment. Last week, I went to my Endocrinologist for a thyroid checkup.  That also includes diabetes type 2. You know, because one autoimmune issue isn't