Saturday, March 16, 2019

My month...

I am a princess, and I fully admit that I love being treated that way.  Finding Jerry 23 years ago was amazing as he totally gives into my princess-ness.  During March, my birthday month, he does a fantastic job of stepping it up.  It makes me look bad because his birthday month is February and I am not as apt at the doting as he is. Seriously, tree Funko badass women figures, a sonic screwdriver, lots of doting, and more to come...I love birthday month!

I have been doing a lot of reflecting in the past year.  Life changing illness can do that to a person. I always seem to be going to the doctor around my birthday.  The fact that I have spring break off gives me the opportunity to go to the doctor without burning a day off of work.  I'd rather use those for "mental health" days than actually going to a doctor appointment.

Last week, I went to my Endocrinologist for a thyroid checkup.  That also includes diabetes type 2. You know, because one autoimmune issue isn't good enough, we have to kick it up a notch. The good news is that I'm off all diabetes medication as my A1C has been below 6 for over a year now. Take that pancreas!  The not so great news is that my TSH was slightly elevated.  I knew there was a reason that I'm freezing all the time, gaining weight, and having bouts of super dry skin. After going around and around with my doctor, he has agreed to adjust my medication to bring my TSH level back down to where I know I feel the best.  He is worried that I'll swing the opposite way on the TSH scale which can also be damaging to my body.  Never mind that for almost 3 years, we had my meds in the "sweet spot" and since last years medical issues, I'm just not back to normal yet. Never the less, I won that round, and we have compromised, and he agreed to adjust my meds, and I agreed to have more labs done in 4 weeks to make sure that I'm not "over medicating" my thyroid. Now to get to the not so great part of that visit.  My kidney level was not good. So much that the doctor was very concerned.  I don't need that, I'm stressed enough about my kidney that I don't' need him to worry too. I did talk to him about the fact that I know I'm not drinking enough water and that hopefully I was just dehydrated on the day of my blood draw.  More compromising was done.  I drink more water for the next month to make it a better habit, and he gets to recheck my kidney level in four weeks along with the other test. Okay, fair.  I'd rather be overly cautious with my kidney then "poo poo" it as "I was just dehydrated, I know I need to drink more water." and then something terrible happens to my little kidney.

So water, lots of water.  I'm averaging about 80 ounces a day in just water along with my coffee in the morning.  I know for my body size I probably need more than 80 ounces, but seriously, 80 ounces is a lot of fluids.

So as another year around the sun gets marked, I am thankful for all that I have experienced in these 52 (DANG) years so far.  I wouldn't say I'm mid-life because how many people live to be 104...but it would be an adventure!

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