Wednesday, February 1, 2023


I'm not divorced, just separated,  but my coach wants me to work out some things, so she gave me these prompts. I'm not ready for some of them, as I'm still deeply hurt, but I will do the work to improve. 

Here are 30 divorce journal prompts:

1. A letter to your ex sharing your anger or sadness

2. What are your fears?

3. What are you grateful for today?

4. Who are you thankful for today?

5. What are you most worried about today?

6. What are you looking forward to?

7. A letter of apology to someone you've hurt

8. What's one thing that you've always wanted to try?

9. Make a list of places you would like to visit

10. What do you value more than anything?

11. What are you learning about yourself?

12. What have you accomplished that you didn't know you could do on your own?

13. What are you most proud of?

14. If you could change one thing about your home, what would it be?

15. Where do you see opportunities for improvement in your life?

16. Write about your ideal first date

17. What do you miss about your ex?

18. Make a list of the things your ex did that aggravated you

19. What qualities will you look for in your next partner?

20. Be your own best friend and write a letter to yourself telling yourself precisely what you need to hear.

21. Make a list of things that bring a smile to your face

22. What are the five things you would like to do more of?

23. What do you love about yourself?

24. Write down one regret

25. What's one way you would like to grow in the next year?

26. What's one thing you dream about doing?

27. What do you need to be content?

28. What were your highs and lows of the last week?

29. What's one vacation you would take if the expense wasn't a factor?

30. Write down 10 ways you are going to take care of yourself going forward. (Bonus if you add them to your calendar, as well!)

Today I'm going to start with #2. 

What are your fears?  

I'm afraid of being alone. 

I'm afraid of having to worry about money again. 

I'm afraid of the half-truths that are being told. I know I can't control what others are saying. I can only share what I know to be true. 

I'm afraid of trusting. I keep finding things out that are super suspicious, and there are always excuses, but it doesn't sit right with me. 

I'm afraid of opening my heart again. This really hurts. More than my parents dying. More than the fear of me dying when I was diagnosed with cancer. (Remission now, yay) This fucking sucks!! 

I'm afraid I won't be able to get over this. 

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