Friday, March 26, 2021

Day 83, 84, & 85

 Holy cow, I'm slippin'!

Day 83 

I'm grateful for spaghetti night.  I didn't feel like cooking but most Wednesdays we cook spaghetti.  It's quick and easy. Don't forget that it is so delicious!  Yum, spaghetti!!

Day 84

I'm grateful for technology.  We ordered these replacement wands for our blinds that make them automated.  It's so cool.  And Jerry crawled behind the TV and installed one on the blinds there.  That blind hasn't been open in decades.  I'm loving the natural light in the house and I can get it with one push of a button.

Day 85

I love Fridays!  I'm grateful for drinking water because tomorrow I get my 2nd COVID-19 Vaccine shot.  I'm a little nervous about the side effects but I've heard that super hydrating helps so I'm going to start on my water increase intake later today.  

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