Friday, March 19, 2021

Day 77 &78

Day 77

My toes is better.  I wore shoes to give it support vs slipper.  That helped a lot.  Today I'm grateful for quick and easy dinners.  We had a variation of the TikTok pasta.  Used 2 qt of cherry tomatoes, Boursin Garlic cheese, and penne pasta.  Was yummy and super easy to make.  Also means I didn't have to stand on my toe too long.

Day 78

FRIYAY!!  I'm working for the weekends!  Thankfully, Monday is a teacher planning day which means I don't have to log into work.  NICE! 

So grateful.....yeah..I am truly blessed and I'm aware but today I'm focused my gratefulness on my partner.  He makes me laugh.  We spent the morning laughing together over breakfast.  Sure..we have our moments of "Ugh" but don't we all?  We have less of those than we do of just giggling at things. <3 

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