Thursday, February 18, 2021

Day 47, 48, & 49

Way to drop the ball there Jeanne!

Day 47

I dont even remember what was going on. I guess that is kind of a blessing, it means nothing bad happened. Right?

Day 48

Jerry's birthday!! He is two years older than me. Not really but the math works out until March. I'm grateful to be able to laugh and kid around with such a funny husband. He had a rough day with work but over all he said it was a good day. 

Day 49

Weird day at work. A few of my meetings for virtual classes were cancelled so it was a lot of waiting around for the student to contact me or wait for the next class. I am doing an online course though the district and I was able to knock out a few of the "courses". So I'm grateful for the time to develop my professional skills. 

Alright..whew...caught up. Maybe I need to tie a sting around my finger to remind me to post. 😏

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