Thursday, April 16, 2020

Six times....

I have been out of my house six times since March 16th.  Coincidently, that's my birthday.

This COVID19 is really changing how I see the world.  You can see a lot of people pulling together to get PPEs to our essential workers.  Speaking of which, they need a pay raise.  A big one. Restaurants, grocery store employees, delivery people, distribution personnel, of course, our first responders and health care providers.  I could talk for hours about how many people need to be paid more.

Personally, I am lucky that our school district has decided to do distance learning via Microsoft Teams.  It's been interesting but three weeks in and the students are asking for video conferences and are becoming more efficient in their navigating skills.  This is good, as it's preparing them for real-world application use. 

Both Jerry and I are working from home.  We have had a few bumps in the "office" but have a schedule and follow it pretty much every day.  We do make sure to "go home" from our "office" each day to separate our computer time from work hours/play hours. We also refer to our kitchen as the break room during the day.  If something is out of sorts, we blame "Janet from Accounting" or "Karen from HR" on things.  It helps the relationship stay strong. 

That's it for now....back to the "classroom" for me. 

Stay home.  Wash your hands. 

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