Friday, January 3, 2020

Yep...another year...

I love Christmas lights.  Twinkly little points of light make me happy.  I was excited to plug in the outside lights this year.  Until they didn't work.  My heart sank.  We have rechargeable, and I thought it was charging, but it wasn't.  I tried charging them again, but to no avail, the lights didn't come one.  Jerry finally got involved and finagled the charging battery, and after a night of charging, I had my twinkle lights on the porch.  Yay, it was Christmasy! 

I didn't put up Christmas decorations in the house until the 20th of the month.  I thought about it doing it earlier but just felt "meh" about it, so I put it off.  The day I decided to put up some lights across our mantle was sad.  My lighted garland was dead.  I wiggled each light, couldn't see if any were burned out to change so that the twinkly strand of lights would work again.  Jerry came up that evening to "emotional Jeanne" and tried his best to see if the fuses were bad.  I was determined to get lights up.  Why?  What made these lights become suddenly important to me?  

The next morning I went to Target.  I went to the back corner only to find that the shelves were bare.  Not one garland left. Sure, they had strings of lights, but that wasn't what I wanted.  I wanted a faux evergreen garland with lights.  I must have spent 10 minutes just looking at empty shelves that once housed garlands and wreaths.  I left defeated. 

I get home and decide that maybe Walmart would have some, or maybe Amazon could overnight something.  I scoured the internet, and while Amazon could get me something, it wasn't exactly what I wanted.  I went to my Instacart and looked at various stores to see if they had anything.  Publix, nope. Whole Foods, nope.  Costco, not really.  CVS.....CVS...Oh my goodness, CVS had something close to what my vision for my mantle lights looked like.  I typed in my order, and within two hours, I had my lighted garland.  I had two because I wanted to make sure this feeling of Christmas decoration defeat wouldn't happen again.   

I hung my garland, turned on the lights, and felt instantly satisfied that it was now the Christmas season.  I even had a whole other garland, and suddenly my vision of what our living room would look like for the holidays became "more." 

That evening when Jerry came home, he smiled and asked where I had found the lighted garland.  I told him of my Target woes and internet searches that lead me to my successful purchase. He then helped me hang our second garland in the archway that leads from the dining area to the living room.  My twinkle light Christmas vision was successfully hung, and I love it.

Later that weekend, Jerry put out our little Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  This is the perfect size for us, and honestly, it works best with our cat.  Would I like a full-size tree?  Do I want to do all the trimming to the tree?  Eh....yes and no. We don't really have the room.  I really don't want to clean it up.  I love our little tree. Someone pointed out that we should put up a tree and do some other things.  How dare anyone tell me how to celebrate Christmas!  Back off and worry about you.  

So Christmas day comes and goes.  It was a great day with just Jerry and I opening gifts from each other.  Eating Ham and Mac & Cheese.  That was my idea.  And playing Assassin's Creed: Odyssey for the day.  

When it comes to decorations, I am a "12 days of Christmas" kind of gal.  That means the decorations don't come down until January 6, epiphany, for me.  I was a little sad when Jerry put away the Charlie Brown Christmas tree on the 1st.  He wanted our table to be clean, and I get that.  We are trying our best to make sure our dining table stays neat and tidy. But come's Christmas.  I didn't fuss, just pouted a little. But I get his point too. He told me I could keep up my lights.  DUH, like he has s choice on that.  I love twinkly lights.  Right now, I need their little lights to help me.  Sounds weird but whatever keeps me happy, right?

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