Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Mom visits...

Last night I was visited by my mom in a dream.  It was one of those vivid dreams where I felt I could reach out and touch the surroundings and remember colors and whatnot.

I remember that Mom was in China, living her solitude life after Dad passed, which is odd because she passed four months before him.  I wasn't with her the entire time of the dream.  Part of it was like I was observing her from afar.  She had a quaint life there, one that you would expect if you were a senior citizen in China. Alright, maybe a more romantic version of life in China.  Never the less, there she was, strolling through gardens with beautiful blooming Sakura trees.  Sitting on benches as she read her book. Meandering over to a market to get some food to either eat there or take home to cook for herself.  It was pleasant. 

I do remember a conversation where she told me about an upcoming wedding in the family and that she was excited. The conversation was short though. 

Back home without mom, Jerry and I were attending some event, and suddenly two Chinese men approached me and started talking.  They had mentioned my mom and how we were all going to be family soon.  I looked puzzled and asked them how and they said the wedding. I confirmed they were talking about my niece's wedding and they continued to talk about how fortunate it was that we were all going to be family.

I woke up after that. 

It was nice seeing my mom.  She looked happy in my dream.  A little sad that maybe that Dad wasn't with her, but she was getting along. 

It was good to see her. I miss her and Dad a bunch.

Thank you universe for the Mom movie!

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