Friday, May 10, 2019

Being real...

This month has me reflecting a lot on my life. A year ago I was waiting to have surgery. I had lost a ton of weight, and I was excited about that but now know that it was because of cancer. So while I'm happy they were able to remove the tumor, I'm sad that within a month I gained all the weight I had lost. All of it. 😔

I have been really working on my diet and moving a little more and nothing. Doctors have suggested bariatric surgery in the past, but now that I only have one kidney, I don't think that is a good option. Even though my A1C was only 5.4, my blood sugar has been creeping up in the mornings, so I asked to be put on medicine.  I am not going to let last year be the decline. 

What does this all mean, why am I writing this?  For I can put it out to the universe that I need help.  I need encouragement.  Not from you reader, from myself.  I need to own this if it's going to work. 

I know work is stressing me out.  We have the end of the year testing, and the communication is nearly non-existent.  It makes for long days and resentment.  That isn't healthy, so I'm trying to "let it go" and remind myself that there is more to life than just work.

While I am venting, let's talk about having short hair.  I usually get it cut every five weeks.  That's too long! I'm going nuts, and I still have 12 days before my cut. I'm ready for all the blonde to be cut out.  It clashes with my grey. 😄

There you have it...Jeanne being real, being Jeanne.

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